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20 Jul 2011 by

Please try to choose the one correct answer.

What is a disadvantage of using a Wi-Fi network as a high-availability production network?

A.  Attacks against the 802.11 protocol can be detected, but not prevented.
B.  The only method of troubleshooting a Wi-Fi network is verifying configuration parameters.
C.  Reliable site surveys cannot be performed in some environments.
D.  WLAN switches/controllers cannot be installed in a redundant configuration.


The correct answer is A

Explanation: Attacks against an 802.11 network such as a deauthentication attack are detectable but cannot be prevented by WIPS or any other device. WLAN implementation troubleshooting can be done using analyzers, site survey tools, and client utilities in most cases. A site survey can be reliably performed in any environment; however, it is possible for a site survey to reveal that the environment is not reliable. WLAN switches and autonomous APs can be installed in a redundant (failover) configuration for high availability environments.

Credit: CWNP Wi-Fi Question of the Day
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