Celebrating Linux 20th Anniversary

13 Apr 2011 by

Celebrate 20 Years of Linux

Credit: Linux Foundation

As of April 2011, Linux is about 20 years old from its inception in 1991. Linux is free and open source operating system developed by Linus Torvalds. Minix is the inspiration’s of Linux. Minix is developed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum purposely for education. There a long debate between Tanenbaum and Torvalds on their architecture to design their operating system. Minix is using Microkernel while Linux is using  Monolithic Kernel. Because Linus Torvalds decides to push Linux source code under GNU General Public License, finally, Linux gets outstanding success by having a lot of contribution from kernel developers around the globe.

Why Linux?

There are many possible answer that Linux should or should not be used. Recently, Linux has been extensively deployed in large enterprise such as Google, Facebook, Amazon Cloud, or even Android mobile OS. Moreover, many high performance computing is using Linux such as IBM Roadrunner. Almost all distributed systems relies on Linux as it is open source and free to modify. Recent Linux kernel is more advance in term of performance, File System, Memory management, device driver management and support with plenty of softwares and programming languages.

Me on Linux

Linux has been one of my favorite Operating System. As I remember, I would like to list my experience with Linux as below:

  • 2001 : I started learning Red Hat 6.2
  • 2002 (late) : Operate a customized Red Hat 6.2 Firewall system called BIMon Firewall at NiDA
  • 2003 : Deploy J2EE software package called Electronic Approval System (EAS) to Red Hat 7.2 servers. The server was running Jeus as web application server, WebToB as web server, UniSQL as object relation database and LDAP for user directory service.
  • 2004 : Upgrade testing server to be Red Hat 7.3 for maintaining EAS
  • 2007 : Try to get around on Ubuntu 7.10, Fedora and openSUSE. Later I decided to use Ubuntu
  • 2008 : Employ Ubuntu 8.04 for running Network Simulator (NS-2)
  • 2009 : Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 for running Network Simulator (NS-2), Perl for text processing and gnuplot for plotting. All are for my master thesis
  • 2010 : Setup Request Tracker (RT) in Ubuntu 9.10 and still in production till now
  • 2011 : Setup testing Ubuntu 10.10 server for BugZilla and Dokuwiki

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