Moore’s Law

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Moore's Law

Moore's Law

Somebody might know Moore’s Law and what it had been referred to. In April 1965, co-founder of Intel Gordon Moore expressed the prediction of an advancement in developing transistors leaded to gain capacity and processing power to electronic devices particularly computer. The part of his article can be downloaded here: Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law:

The density of transistors on a chip doubles every 18 months, for the same cost.

His theory is pretty right for several decades. This can be proved in the graph above that shows the trend of a number of transistors in CPU scales linearly for a regular period. So we can imply that today computer has very enormous processing power compares to a very large mainframe developed in 1970s.

One common theme of question may ask is that “if a computer is so powerfully like this, why do we need a Distributed Systems?

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