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How Google Scans a Book? Linear Book Scanner

22 Nov 2012 by

Google has been developed low cost book scanner that just simply making form vacuum cleaner and low cost Cannon scanner plus several metals tweak to make possible book scanning with minimization of scanning damage.


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The new multi-screen world: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior

04 Sep 2012 by

Google has just released its research result on understanding cross-platform consumer behavior on multi-screen dimension. Smartphone, tablet, PC and TV are the major tools to bring information/content to users with different screen size.

For full report please visit: The new multi-screen world

Key Findings

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08 May 2012 by

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Google and Facebook by the Numbers

06 Jun 2011 by

I found an interesting article on the IEEE Spectrum magazine dated this June 2011. It is hard to make a comparison between Facebook and Google.

Description Google Facebook
Establishment 1998 2004
Usage 1 billion search requests each day 600 million active users (25 minutes)
Localization 40 languages 76 languages
Average Employee Age 30 31
Number of employee 30 000 employees 2 000 employees
Number of patents 620 U.S. patents 8 U.S. patents
Market Valuations (Q1 2011) US$ $175 billion $65 billion


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