My name is Taing Nguonly, the founder of http://lycog.com. I am currently living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with my beloved wife, Yin Huotely. I received Bsc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Royal University of Phnom Penh and hold Msc. in Global Information and Telecommunication Studies from Waseda university.
You can reach me through:

  • email: nguonly.taing@gmail.com
  • mobile: +855 12 922 329


The main objective of this blog is to share knowledge in a wide range of computer science area. The areas shall include but not limited to Distributed Systems, Programming, Parallelism and Simulation. As moving a long, I wish I could learn something new and share with you all in the field of Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and Data Mining if possible.

If you are interested in my articles, you can post comments or feedback. I am very glad to see them all.


The content in this blog is solely reflected to my personal view. And it is not associated to any organizations I might tag with. I am trying my best to keep the content more useful and stays away from rubbish and meaningless articles.

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I am really expressed for your comments but rude, non-sense, tasteless, stupid or irrelevant comments are not allowed to be visible to the public. I reserve the right to delete all those non-sense comments.

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  • REDA says:

    Bonjour Taing Nguonly,

    Avant tout je vous souhaite une heureuse vie avec votre epouse.

    Mon nom est ABDELMAJID HAGOUGUI ,de nationalité marocaine ,je vis au Maroc (AFRIQUE) et plus precisement dans la ville economique CASABLANCA (AFRIQUE)

    Je suis un nouveau dans le langage JAVA ,En cherchant je suis tombé sur votre projet JAVA RMI Database Application.
    apres une copie integrale ,j’ai eu quelques problémes dans la classe PrvinceClient et plus precisement dans la boucle
    for(Province p : arrProv)”
    error: incompatible type
    required: server.Province
    found: java.lang.object

    ca fait plusieurs jours que je cherche mais malheuresement je n’ai pas trouvé de solution.
    Je vous prie si vous avez une idéé ,je serai trés reconnaissant.
    I got some error at ProvinceClient in for loop which is “for(Province p : arrProv)”
    error: incompatible type
    required: server.Province
    found: java.lang.object

    Please help

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